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Today I wandered off to Marsh Creek again in hopes of having more luck that Tuesday.

I got a few shots of birds that I'm thinking are maybe crows on the ice, none really turned out thogh, and I thought I was pretty much done. I started packing up, and as I had just closed the trunk, two crows flew over and landed on top of the building next to me. I was dumbfounded. I stood there looking at them for a minute and wondered if I should get my camera out, if they would hang around for long enough. I dithered about it, and the flew off and landed on the ice, at a good range. I quickly got my camera together again and as I looked up they were flying off to the right. It didn't seem as if they flew far so I hurried around the other side of the building, and found the birds wheeling and dancing over the ice a bit far away, but as I was watching, they started flying in front of the building, and I managed to catch a few shots of both a couple of gulls and a couple of crows (I'm sure someone will correct me here). They weren't the best shots ever, but they might be my best shots ever.

I don't know how to figure out how to get sharper pictures though. I'm not sure it was camera shake, as some of them were as high as 1/2000th of a second. I think they just weren't quite in focus. Because of my lens not being the high end f2.8 lens, the camera turns off auto-focus when you slap on the 2x converter, so it was hand-held manual focus all the way. Given that, I'm not too unhappy. I've only had the lens a few days, and I'm still not used to zooming and focusing and taking pictures all in one go yet.

Pictures of birds flying about Marsh Creek
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