Jan. 23rd, 2009

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I am moving all my photographic stuff to SmugMug http://plexq.smugmug.com. The reason is because Yahoo sucks. I went to update my security question, and they won't let me update my security question unless I tell them what my existing security question is. I have no idea what my existing security question is, it could be one of a dozen things. I lost my last yahoo account (armtuk@yahoo.com) probably because it was either compromised or Yahoo's systems fucked up and corrupted it. I was left being charged for a paid service I had with Yahoo, and Yahoo customer service did nothing about it. They would not verify my account based on my credit card number, or stop the charges based on my credit card number.

This said, I am very jumpy about loosing another yahoo account, and potentially the on-line version of all my photography. I am sure that over the coming year it will grow in size considerably, and re-uploading all of it will become a herculean task, and would eventually violate my Comcast connection TOS and get me banned. That said, I am going with another service, and SmugMug seems okay. If you know of something better, then I am all ears. Picassa was well built, but horribly expensive for uploading originals. Google's storage charges were more than Apple's, and I could use S3 or Rackspace's cloud hosting for much less.


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