Feb. 11th, 2009

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Today we have some macro shots - mostly of dice.

Photos of Dice, some of which I really like.

Most of these shots were taken with a 100mm f2.8 macro lens with a 2x extender, and then a 25mm extension tube. The really close ones were taken with a MP-e 65, which I also added the extension tube to just to see how close I could get. Focusing was mostly achieved with a focusing rail mounted on my Velbon tripod, which I LOVE. I also lit the scene with a single 85 Watt Fluorescent bulb (300 Watt equivalent) (maybe next time I should use the 5500K bulbs, but I left them upstairs).

Crystal caste makes semi-precious gem dice that I think would be totally awesome to take at this proximity/zoom level. I'll have to avail myself of a set or two of them I think.
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Today I went to Marsh Creek with my new lens. The birds were very far away, that even with 800mm effective focal length, I was stumped for a good picture. Add to that that the lens I have 100-400mm does not use auto-focus with an XSi body if an extender is connected and we have a recipe for crapness.

So I took some pictures of rocks, and a tree, and some water to at least try out the new getup. They were mostly at f11 at 400mm balanced on a Canon monopod with a cool swivel head.

Then I came home, and took some pictures of our kitten Rothko as we haven't had new pictures of him for a bit. Then a bug landed on my desk, and I coaxed it onto a white-ish box and took some macro pictures of it. Those pictures were done with a 100mm f2.8 macro lens on a 25mm extension tube. I wish I could have made the depth of field bigger, but one 300W light at F4.0 at 100mm plus extension tube == slow exposure time / large magnification. You can see the faint traces of camera shake creeping into the pictures.

Photos for 11th February 2009


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