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I am working on this website. I am looking at the project page. The title for each project doesn't really stand out, so I'm thinking to myself, I should put a background colour on that cell. I'm trying to find out what happened to a line I thought I'd put in (a border-bottom) that wasn't showing up. I hit inspect on the cell and discovered that each cell was in fact separated by a line, and that the title cell already had a background. I moved the window from my crappy cheap Acer to my iMac screen. HOLY SHIT, it's a different colour!

I think that finally puts the nail in the coffin on this monitor for me. I've been desperately trying not to go out and buy a new monitor because it just seemed like an unnecessary expense. I mean, how much do I do colour work that I need to be able to see acurate colours for? I could just put that stuff on my main monitor surely? But for heaven's sake! The colour wasn't there. It was indistinguishable from white. That's not just a colour being off a bit, that's some serious contrast shit going on.

If I get paid any time soon by Century 21 or Talisman, I'm buying a new monitor. Now I just have to figure out which one. I know I want H-IPS or S-IPS and I really want LED backlit, but it's going to be costly. Maybe I can go somewhere in the middle. Peoples speak highly of the Apple monitors for the most part, though they are a bit dated, except the new one that goes with the laptops, though I could swear I saw it was hooked up to a mac mini at the apple store.
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I have an Acer 9410 latop. Overall I've liked it pretty well. It didn't have enough memory, so I upgraded that.

about three weeks ago, I was working on my laptop, but had forgotten to plug the power cord in. The laptop ran out of juice and shut down as you might expect. Thing is though, it wouldn't come back up. I phoned Acer and we tried all the magic please reset my laptop key holding down things, and nothing worked, so they told me I would have to send it in.

I thought they had fixed the problem. Not so much. I was working upstairs tonight to be with Fin as she filed. The laptop ran out of power, and won't come back up.


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