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Tonight I managed to limp my way through the whole first movement along with Itzhak and his Orchestra. I am dead pleased. I dropped in a couple of places, but picked it back up again within a bar or two. Still much work to do, but I can at least hit most of the notes in a row. My hand started aching after that so I stopped, though I would really like to play along with the second and third movement. I've been practising the wild string crossing bit in the third movement which I just find awesome, although on all the recordings I've listened to (three so far) all you really hear is the soloist hitting the E string and some indistinguishable notes in between, which is sad really because the notes are so pretty. Maybe it's attributable to newer steel strings where an open string now sounds so bright it drowns the other strings where you are in around 5th position and so it sounds a bit muted, even on Itzhak's Strad. I wonder if there was a recording of a person on a baroque violin with gut strings it would be different. I'll have to see if I can find John Holloway doing it, he usually plays a baroque violin.


Aug. 18th, 2008 02:24 am
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Listening to Heifetz' rendition of the Bach Chaconne from the D minor partita, it is true that he might not ever be called the greatest violinist ever. There are small errors in his playing, but he plays with such feeling. He makes you believe that he loves what he is playing deeply. He gives it his all. It is not technically perfect, but it is alive. Perlman's version sounds like the long sigh of a middle aged man who is lonely and sad, it could move you to tears, but I think Bach would be disappointed.

Part I
Part II

Part I
Part II

I guess this is a dip into my psyche here: I want to be alive like Heifetz and not a lonely middle aged man like Perlman ;).

One day I hope I can play it as well as either of them. I see much practising in my future.
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Last night I went to sleep dreaming about playing the violin. Bach sonatas and partitas, Sibelius concerto, Beethoven sonatas, Franck sonata. I can't wait to get a bow and play again. I am going to have to try to find a pianist, and also a teacher. Ten years ago I went to this awesome teacher near Philadelphia. I'm hoping that somehow I can find her again and that she still teaches. Somehow I doubt that she won't be teaching. She was the kind of musician that is a lifer. Totally dedicated to the pursuit of music. She played occasionally for the Philadelphia Symphony orchestra. She played Bach to die for. The most amazing Bach ever, it made me cry when I heard it the first time. The only things left, are that I have to wait for my pay cheque, and that I have to decide between a couple of different bows. Either the Jean Tabary profressional, or the CodaBow Diamond GX I think. These are the two most promising candidates. Also people liked the CodaBow Colours too. Maybe I'll get the Tabary and the Colours. The Colours bow is pretty inexpensive (at least as bows go).

I hope that if I start to play violin, it will encourage Riordon to play more music too.


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