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The first of the two bows I ordered has arrived!!!! YAY! The Jean Tabary came first, which is a good thing because thats the bow I ordered with the strings, and my Violin is certain to need new strings.

I can't wait to play, but I have to work tonight alas!! I hope I get done quickly
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I just can't wait for my bow to arrive. I'm so excited. I didn't get an option for what type of shipping so I hope to God it's not UPS ground. I think I'll die if they take a week to arrive. Plus I won't get to serenade [Bad username or site: firinel'/ @] when she arrives home if they take that long.
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Today, having just got paid, I splurged a bit. I bought a Violin bow (carbon fibre) and some strings from FiddleHeads which is run by a lovely lady who has been most helpful on email. I bought four pairs of shoes which I woefully needed and I bought an air conditioner from Sears.

The shoes are: one pair of casual (brown), one pair of casual (black), one pair of boots (for the garden) and one pair of smart (black). I got a new pair of smart black shoes because I bought the same pair of shoes in brown, and they are super comfy. Add to that the fact that my current shoes in black are clompy (they make a loud noise when you walk), and I felt that I was justified in supplanting them with an alternative. The casual shoes were acquired because my current sneakers which double as casual shoes are done for. They have a big chunk of plastic missing from the bottom. The boots are for the garden. I think that's what finally did it for my sneakers. They look very sad and have mud lines around all the seams. I think I will avoid doing garden work in my new casual shoes.

The air-con is for the library. The basement is like an oven at this time of year, so I am working in the Library with Thomas whilst [Bad username or site: firinel'/ @] is away, and it's frikin' hot at this time of year and the air-con unit we have is ancient and power hungry.

I also bought some replacement things for MintPixels' property which I will be handing off to Sarah at the end of the month.
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In searching for reviews of the Tabary bows I found on I found this page Where they review professional and semi-professional bows from around $500 to $1500. It seems that they liked the Coda bows the best, and the Colours bow came in as a favourite, and at just under $500 one of the cheaper ones. I can't believe that you can get a bow of that kind of quality for under $500, it's awesome. I am so looking forward to playing again.

According to the person who writes the cheques, he mailed it on Tuesday, but today we had mail arrive that was postmarked the 7th. I think I'm going to ask that he fed-exes the check from now on. A week for mail from just a county away, it's disgraceful. It's no wonder people are dropping the USPS in favour of other carriers.
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I have not been able to play the violin for many years, as my bow is totally wrecked. [Bad username or site: bean_bunny'/ @] turned me on to carbon fibre bows, and I think that I am going to have to acquire one. They are verycost effective. Some of the highest end carbon fibre bows are under a thousand dollars, and the equivalent wood bow would probably be around three thousand. Whilst looking for a website that sells these delightful items, I came across a company in canada, that has some awesome violins. It made me think of starting up and electronic quartet and doing arrangements of popular music to play at weddings and other social events. If I start playing again on a regular basis - I am going to have to try to start something like that up.


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