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I am thoroughly enjoying the two bows I got. They are both very good, though right now I am preferring the Tabary over the CodaBow by a bit. It seems to produce a stronger sound, and isn't as wild on bouncing strokes. I haven't really started playing anything that's really all that demanding yet though, so time will tell. I dusted off my copies of the Mazas studies, and the Kreutzer and the Sevcek Opus 3. I will start working on those I think in the comming days. I have been working hard on my vibrato as that was one of the biggest weak points of my playing before. I am also spending some time on basic excercises to re-familiarize myself with the places my fingers need to go to be in tune too. My ear has deteriorated a bit and I have to check my notes against open strings to see if I am in tune, but I know it will come back. I hope that once I get my skill level back up, I can find a local amateur orchestra to play with, though I think the odds of finding that are slim. Maybe I'll get good enough that I can play with one of the local professional orchestras. I've also started thinking about starting an electronic string quartet. All member's instruments will be amplified, and we'll do a range of stuff, from classical works for the quartet like Mozart quartets, so quartet arrangements of The Beatles and other contemporary people. I figure we can rent our services to Weddings and Banquets and the like in the tri-county area. Maybe if [Bad username or site: firinel'/ @] continues learning to play, she can come play second violin for the quartet :).

Edit: it's amazing what a nice piece of music will do for one's mood.
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Last night I went to sleep dreaming about playing the violin. Bach sonatas and partitas, Sibelius concerto, Beethoven sonatas, Franck sonata. I can't wait to get a bow and play again. I am going to have to try to find a pianist, and also a teacher. Ten years ago I went to this awesome teacher near Philadelphia. I'm hoping that somehow I can find her again and that she still teaches. Somehow I doubt that she won't be teaching. She was the kind of musician that is a lifer. Totally dedicated to the pursuit of music. She played occasionally for the Philadelphia Symphony orchestra. She played Bach to die for. The most amazing Bach ever, it made me cry when I heard it the first time. The only things left, are that I have to wait for my pay cheque, and that I have to decide between a couple of different bows. Either the Jean Tabary profressional, or the CodaBow Diamond GX I think. These are the two most promising candidates. Also people liked the CodaBow Colours too. Maybe I'll get the Tabary and the Colours. The Colours bow is pretty inexpensive (at least as bows go).

I hope that if I start to play violin, it will encourage Riordon to play more music too.


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