Dec. 27th, 2008 12:11 pm
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I'm SO pissed at Flickr. It's just SO crap compared with Google's Picasa. The simple and decisive factor is the storage. I get unlimited storage at Flickr compared with a pathetic amount at Google for a very small annual charge. I would need to pay google VAST sums of money for enough storage for all the photos I'll probably take this year, and then what about next year?!

I tried to batch rotate in Flickr. It lost ALL my photos :(.
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I have an iMac. Fortunately I don't have any important data on it. I backed it up to Time Machine. Every time I launch the migration assistant, it crashes my time machine. What a pain in the ass. I just updated it to the latest firmware and it's still happening. I have a mac in a partial state of loadedness because the time machine crapped out half way through a restore when I rebooted. Add to that that my flaky iMac can't see my other backup device for no apparent reason, and I'm pretty much back to 0. Time to re-install the world. Oh goody.
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I found this gem: A $500 Ethernet cable, and it's not even long. This is for a digital output on a CD/DVD Player. This is astounding. I guess they assume their customers have not really grasped the concept of digital. Denon think you are a bunch of suckas, and will gladly take your money fool. I for one will never buy a Denon product after seeing this. No really - it's digital. Either the 1s and 0s make it, or they don't. I send data from one side of the globe to the other over a piece of ethernet cable crafted from a piece hewn from a 1000' spool that cost about $50 from black box that I crimped the ends on myself, and it works/worked just fine (at least until I took a chunk of it out with a drill whilst attempting to liberate it from a very small hole in the book case - but that's another story). ALL the 1s and 0s make it. Not most of them, all of them, every last one of billions and billions of 1s and 0s. How do I know, because my binaries work on the other end, because my MD5 sums still add up.

Denon - shame on you. How can we ever trust anything you tell us about your products after this line of pure crap is printed on your website.


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