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Today my latest NewEgg order came. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just some RAM for my iMac. I found that IntelliJ, whilst an awesome IDE regularly consumes 600MB resident memory. Add to that 400MB for my Virtual Machine running Windows XP for testing, iTunes, Firefox eating around 600MB and Terminal that for some unknown reason has chewed through 120MB, not to mention mail, photoshop/illustrator and bridge, and my 2048MB was getting very strained. Also given that I had not rebooted in awhile apparently had a lot to do with it, but still, thats a high demand environment. I decided to upgarde my memory to 4Gig. Memory is cheap right now, and even Apple has instructions on their website on how to do it. There is a cute little slot at the bottom edge of the machine that holds the RAM. The only down-side is that it's only two slots of SODIMM RAM, which means only 4GB. If I could have I would have put in 8.
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I just purchased a pair of Denon AH-D1001 headphones to replace my Sony MDR-7506s. I always found the Sony's to have pretty poor bass response, and at this point, I have loaned them to [Bad username or site: marnanel'/ @] for use at work. I started poking around on the web looking for reviews of headphones, and I found some pretty cool stuff at this website:

The Denon is second up on the list, and about as much as I can stomach paying for headphones right now.

I am impressed. Well impressed. They sound gorgeous. Crisp clear, and great frequency response. I can hear every little detail in my classical music, and the experience when putting on something with deep basses and high highs like DJ Tiesto - In search of sunrise 7 is just exquisite. I am wrapped in the most voluptuous sound, smooth and rich like melted chocolate and yet subtle and detailed.

I had to go to King of Prussia to get them however, and whilst I was down there, I dropped into BestBuy to get some batteries. I picked up the aforementioned DJ Tiesto album, and a few other bitties, plus a recording of Ravel's Bolero. The recording has Andre Previn conducting, but it neglects to mention which orchestra is playing. If I ever find out, I will know never to buy another recording from that orchestra again. The flautist was simply horrible. The intro was the most flat I've ever heard, and they were out of time in the intro and often in the following tongued section. The clarinettist faired slightly better but was still very flat, and cor anglais was the best and mostly okay. I've played in youth orchestras that could have done a better job. I consoled myself by picking up a recording of it on iTunes by the LSO, which was much better.
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I have to say that I have always had very good success with iTunes. The same cannot be said for Amazon's Unbox service. It's very disappointing that it's not available on the Mac. The only reason I use it is that iTunes lost most of it's TV deals, so nothing I like is available on iTunes anymore. Unbox won't let me watch a video while it's downloading, and the download speed is unbelievably bad. What is the point of a broadband connection when your content provider can only sustain 1.5Mb? I might as well have cheap ass DSL if my phone company (Verizon) could actually provide me with a stable line to the CO (which they can't), I get better call quality on my cell phone (Virgin Mobile / Spring PCS).


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