Aug. 18th, 2008 11:05 pm
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I think I might have identified why devices in my home have been having issues:

Fin's Mac lost its wired network connection but is fine on wireless (talking to the Time Capsule)
I loose connectivity to my networked printer from time to time and can't print.
I couldn't scan a document from my network scanner, but over USB it worked fine.
I couldn't restore my Time Machine backup properly after 5 tries I got most of it. The last time I switched to a wireless connection and it worked fine (although a tad slowly)
My Backup devices drop off the network from time to time (both of them (not including the time capsule (yes I'm paranoid about my data)).

I think it's my switch. It's a linksys, so this doesn't surprise me at all. Almost every single linksys device I've owned over the years has crapped out on me. Two Wireless routers and two switches, and I've heard from my buddies that do network work that they often have trouble with Linksys switches and have to replace them. I'm really amazed Cisco bought linksys, it's a real dent in their reputation. I've ordered a 3com to replace it, I hope that works better.
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So - last night I bought yet another wireless router. It's amazing to me that these products are so flaky. I have had wireless routers from Linksys, Belkin and Netgear and they all suck. Between a friend of mine and I we tried four Linksys routers, and there were serious problems with each of them, they couldn't keep a wireless connection up. I finally got mine to behave enough to use it, then we moved house, and I couldn't get it to take a new configuration. The Belkin wouldn't keep a connection to the internet for more than five minutes. The first Netgear I had worked okay, but then I moved, and had to get a new router. I figured I had had good luck with the first Netgear, so I bought another. This one won't keep port forwards open. I set up port forwarding, it works for about 10 minutes, then it stops working. So this time I went for one of the only makes left, D-Link. So far so good. The wireless is working, the port forwarding is working, and it has kept a connection to the internet for 18 hours. So far so good... Next I guess I'll buy a buffalo if this router flakes out on me. Oh and the Netgear seemed like it reset itself every so often as all my connections would suddenly drop after a few hours of idle. The wireless connection was always in and out, but never out long enough to actually drop my connections.

What do I have to do - buy a cisco 871W? at $522, who the hell can afford that?


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