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I bought a Blu-ray player for my iMac, hoping that I could either play back movies in a VM, or in a boot camp install of Windows XP. After a long struggle, and a couple of pieces of software later, I have made it work. I have an install of Windows XP in a secondary partition, and a copy of WinDVD from corel, which works great. I tried PowerDVD which came with the drive, but the only thing I got was audio and a black screen.

Yay for WinDVD!

Mac Users

Sep. 26th, 2008 07:51 am
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It now appears that Mac users constitute over 7% of our user base on the MLS Search product. Mac usage has trippled in the last year. They appear to be about evenly divided between Safari and Firefox.

Apple is going great guns! Yay!
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Today my latest NewEgg order came. Nothing big, nothing fancy, just some RAM for my iMac. I found that IntelliJ, whilst an awesome IDE regularly consumes 600MB resident memory. Add to that 400MB for my Virtual Machine running Windows XP for testing, iTunes, Firefox eating around 600MB and Terminal that for some unknown reason has chewed through 120MB, not to mention mail, photoshop/illustrator and bridge, and my 2048MB was getting very strained. Also given that I had not rebooted in awhile apparently had a lot to do with it, but still, thats a high demand environment. I decided to upgarde my memory to 4Gig. Memory is cheap right now, and even Apple has instructions on their website on how to do it. There is a cute little slot at the bottom edge of the machine that holds the RAM. The only down-side is that it's only two slots of SODIMM RAM, which means only 4GB. If I could have I would have put in 8.

Mac Fun

Sep. 6th, 2008 11:17 pm
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I think I may have found a way to get back access to the CD-ROM drive when Finder 'loses' a CD. Quite often on my Mac, both of them, I 'lose' a CD. It just disappears from Finder. It looks like the Disk Utility program actually keep tabs on physical devices rather than on what is mounted in them, so I can go into Disk Utility and eject a CD-ROM that has become unmounted but hasn't ejected.

This should be in Mac tips 101.
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Don't reinstall and reformat your Drive to case sensitive. No games work. None, not one. As soon as I changed it back to case insensitive, they work fine. So I got to re-install my mac for like the 8th time. How frustrating.
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I have an iMac. Fortunately I don't have any important data on it. I backed it up to Time Machine. Every time I launch the migration assistant, it crashes my time machine. What a pain in the ass. I just updated it to the latest firmware and it's still happening. I have a mac in a partial state of loadedness because the time machine crapped out half way through a restore when I rebooted. Add to that that my flaky iMac can't see my other backup device for no apparent reason, and I'm pretty much back to 0. Time to re-install the world. Oh goody.

Mac Woes

Jun. 26th, 2008 09:58 pm
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I am still having woes with my mac, but we have at least determined that they are software related. Some piece of software I am installing is screwing around with libraries and causing other programs to stop working properly. Aperture seems to be the worst victim, but there are others. I wonder if it's one of backup software products as that seems to be a good possibility. I really don't feel like spending yet another day reinstalling software piece by piece and seeing which one crashes aperture. I tried a bit of that before, but it didn't seem to get me very far. This time, aperture is functioning to some level at least, but try and do certain things and it crashes.

The weird thing is that I don't have that much software on my system:

Cisco VPN
Rosetta Stone
Home Design Studio Pro
MySQL Administrator
Microsoft Office
MSN Messanger
Memeo LifeAgent

Plus all the standard Mac stuff (although garage band seems to have disappeared)

Some of those I didn't have before when it wasn't working, so it seems like I can rule those out.
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So - I'm working on getting a demo application ready for a client. It's a java application, so I figure the easiest way to work would be on a linux desktop, then jar it up and scp to my windows box for testing.

I have installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my spare machine here. Well. Where to begin. This system is definitely not for java developers. It ships with the stupid gij/gcj system which doesn't actually work apparently when running a simple Java 1.2 application that opens a window with one menu 'File' with one item 'Open'. Stunning. Stupidity 1, Linux 0.

First I try and get it connected to the network, but by default it comes in 'roaming mode' which means it doesn't find a network connection. How stupid is that? Stupidity 2, Linux 0. I have to manually change it to DHCP, which then doesn't work immediately, I have to start dhclient manually (I only know about this because we were messing with it on Marn's laptop the other day). Stupidity 3, Linux 0.

Then I try and get VNC working so that I can VNC in from my windows box and use the linux box 'remotely'. This is important as the tools I use for image maniuplation aren't on linux, namely photoshop and illustrator (You can talk about GIMP all you want, but it won't open a PDF and let me extract images from it). Well - I installed the vncserver package, and basically it doesn't work. After trolling the web a bit, I get some suggestions, but they don't work either. Stupidity 4, Linux 0. I go on IRC, the infamous support network for linux, both on #ubuntu, and on #gnome-hackers as I was hoping to use this setup for working on Metacity. No help there. Stupidity 5, Linux 0.

Then after working in firefox a bit, firefox crashes. Not only that, but it apparently takes X with it as no application will now start, with a connection refused message. Stupidity 6, Linux 0.

Ok - so I download the JDK for linux from Sun and ant from Apache, get them installed, and my JAVA_HOME set correctly, and I manage to compile and run my simple test application, hooray. Stupidity 7, Linux 1.

Ok - now I need to get my images off the windows box. Let me think how to do that - oh yes, SCP. Well - this is Ubuntu Desktop, so sshd is at least not running. which is reasonable. After trolling through the menu for some kind of services application, trying a couple of things - I find nothing. Wow - even the Mac has this shit guys, for pete's sake, do some basic research, OS X has been out for years. Stupidity 8, Linux 1. Ok - well maybe something that can tell me if it's installed, some kind of package manager, well there is something labeled synaptic package manager. Not really clear what this does from the name if you don't know that Ubuntu (and most other distros) is organized into packages. Well give one for each side on this: Stupidity 9, Linux 2.
Hooray - my search finds openssh-server, and I get it installed, and it starts! Woot! Stupidity 9, Linux 3.

So after nearly two days of wrangling, I am actualy starting to get some work done. Not what I had really pictured as my ideal outcome.

Oh - and the compiz window manager. Well - the effects on the Mac and Windows Vista are somehow pretty and unobtrusive. Not so with compiz. Too much bling going on, it's very distracting. Now I just have to figure out how to switch back to metacity. Plus I work on metacity a bit, so I have to use metacity out of principal and hate compiz :).

Is linux any better on the desktop than the last time I used it seriously 4 years ago? Nope. Still has major holes even if you just want to connect to a network for pete's sake and browse the web. And let's not even get started about how UGLY firefox rendering is in linux. It's not a patch on IE 7. At least I hear they are working on a new rendering engine in FF 3.

Update: I downloaded the Firefox 3 beta, and after some wrangling got it working. Could they make it more difficult to test it? The rendering engine was crap like in Firefox 2. IE 1, Firefox 0.


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