Aug. 14th, 2008 01:27 pm
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Yesterday the music minus one type CD arrived of the Mendelssohn violin concerto. I was very excited to get this, as right now the Mendelssohn is my running favourite. I got it ripped onto my computer, and then started it up and tried to play along. After the first section, I quickly realised that the real thing is quite a bit faster than I had imagined somehow, and I was having extreme difficulty keeping up. It was fun though to play along with an orchestral accompaniment. I'll have to work on getting it up to speed more over the comming days and weeks. Eventually I would like to record myself playing it and post it. I can just about make it through the first page at this point, but I'm slow. The second page is not much easier, but I think I can learn it fast. The only other thing I have to do is learn it from memory so I can play it without the music.
armtuk: (violin)
Last night I was on my way home. [Bad username or site: firinel'/ @]Had found that the Kit movie was going out of theatres, and we had to go all the way to Downingtown to find a theatre that was still playing it. This meant that I would loose about 3½ of time, but it was worth it to get Riordon to see the Kit movie. I thought to myself, I'll get home, and play violin for about half an hour, then do that bit of work that I need to do.

Well. I got home. Picked up my violin, and the passage of time ceased to mean anything. I played for over two hours before I put the violin down and asked [Bad username or site: firinel'/ @] how long I had been playing for.

Now I am at work again, and all I can think about is practicing the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, and playing double stop exercises and playing the Bach Partitas. I have no idea how I am going ton concentrate on work today.


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