Apr. 20th, 2017 09:36 am
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Consider that house music functions like a carrier wave, driving a trance state, a fugue state for the audience. As is the natural ebb and flow of the human condition, so must the carrier wave be also. For each Shakra of the human, so a resonant frequency must be, such that it excites and drives a person.
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Ok - I'm not sure what the heck is actually going on here, but FFS, that dude is one brave dude.


Nov. 25th, 2008 12:24 am
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Just got the new Dido album. So far I am super un-impressed. There are zero songs that have really made an impression on me so far. Very drab. Maybe I'm just not tuned in to it yet, but so far it's pretty ignorable background music.

I'm disappointed.
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I am listening to Vaughan William's second symphony, the Lento. It's eerie. It's eerie because it sounds almost exactly like the Star Wars music in several places. I keep expecting it to continue one way, but then it doesn't. It's a bit disconcerting. If we didn't know who John Williams got his inspiration from before, we sure know now. If not, then it's an amazing coincidence. It's very disturbing because the opening oboe line has the same first few notes as one of the themes from star wars too. The rest of the movement also sounds like it could have been lifted straight out of a John Williams score. Of course Vaughan Williams lived before John Williams was born, so it's definitely the one way not the other.
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I'm cross posting this from classical_music

They sing each composer in the style that they wrote in, and it's so beautifully done. Awesome.


Oct. 21st, 2008 07:48 pm
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I was introduced to a wonderful CD of music by the Naxos podcast: Spotless Rose (Also available as an MP3 download for $8.99). This is a collection of songs/hymns dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Aside from their religious value, these are wonderful pieces of music, and some of them have quickly become some of my favourite pieces of music. The choral work on this disc is beautiful and inspiring. The choirs totally nail every track. My favourite is probably track 4 which is the second of a set of latin motets titled 'Ave Maria'. The careful use of major and minor seconds against more simple chords creates interesting and captivating sequences that keep you coming back again and again to listen over again. If you like choral music with a slightly modern bent, you will love this disc.

Now I must get back to my crazy work that I am procrastinating from.
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The more I play the more I want to play. Last night I spent quite a bit of time playing and then listening to the Bach A minor. This morning I got up and all I could think about was that concerto. I suffered through listening to it on my iPod radio thingie that just doesn't work well in this area on the way to work, but it was still divine. I have to practice that B flat note in the second movement that is a semi-breve (half-note) in a movement where the speed is andante and it's counting quavers (eighth notes) not crotchets (quarter notes), so the semi-breve is painfully long. I have to sustain it, and measure out my bow carefully, and produce a sweet tone, and vibrato regularly so it's beautiful, not ugly. Tricky.


Aug. 18th, 2008 02:24 am
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Listening to Heifetz' rendition of the Bach Chaconne from the D minor partita, it is true that he might not ever be called the greatest violinist ever. There are small errors in his playing, but he plays with such feeling. He makes you believe that he loves what he is playing deeply. He gives it his all. It is not technically perfect, but it is alive. Perlman's version sounds like the long sigh of a middle aged man who is lonely and sad, it could move you to tears, but I think Bach would be disappointed.

Part I
Part II

Part I
Part II

I guess this is a dip into my psyche here: I want to be alive like Heifetz and not a lonely middle aged man like Perlman ;).

One day I hope I can play it as well as either of them. I see much practising in my future.
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Last night I went to sleep dreaming about playing the violin. Bach sonatas and partitas, Sibelius concerto, Beethoven sonatas, Franck sonata. I can't wait to get a bow and play again. I am going to have to try to find a pianist, and also a teacher. Ten years ago I went to this awesome teacher near Philadelphia. I'm hoping that somehow I can find her again and that she still teaches. Somehow I doubt that she won't be teaching. She was the kind of musician that is a lifer. Totally dedicated to the pursuit of music. She played occasionally for the Philadelphia Symphony orchestra. She played Bach to die for. The most amazing Bach ever, it made me cry when I heard it the first time. The only things left, are that I have to wait for my pay cheque, and that I have to decide between a couple of different bows. Either the Jean Tabary profressional, or the CodaBow Diamond GX I think. These are the two most promising candidates. Also people liked the CodaBow Colours too. Maybe I'll get the Tabary and the Colours. The Colours bow is pretty inexpensive (at least as bows go).

I hope that if I start to play violin, it will encourage Riordon to play more music too.
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I have not been able to play the violin for many years, as my bow is totally wrecked. [Bad username or site: bean_bunny'/ @] turned me on to carbon fibre bows, and I think that I am going to have to acquire one. They are verycost effective. Some of the highest end carbon fibre bows are under a thousand dollars, and the equivalent wood bow would probably be around three thousand. Whilst looking for a website that sells these delightful items, I came across a company in canada, that has some awesome violins. It made me think of starting up and electronic quartet and doing arrangements of popular music to play at weddings and other social events. If I start playing again on a regular basis - I am going to have to try to start something like that up.
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I so love Adobe Illustrator. It totally r0x0rs. I'm putting together a new layout for my website, which is sorely in need of an update. I picked up a couple of images from (which is also totally awesome and cheap) for a couple of bucks, which look cool, and I'm still debating on the colour of things. I have a blue version and a red version. Maybe I'll post 'em and see what people think.

In other news my keyboard is starting to act up. The 'l' key is not responding as well as it should. Why is it that laptop keyboards never seem to last? The good part is that I have the super dooper warranty that will cover anything for two years, so if it really does give up the ghost, I will get a replacement keyboard. Warranties rule.

I'm thinking about picking up a firewire card for my laptop so that I can make some more music (Sarah decided that she would start using the computer with all my music on it for some reason I can't quite fathom - it's a piece of shit otherwise, it's an old Mac mini, with bugger all RAM and a crappy hard disc, but it runs Cubase okay). Ever since we put the music gear in the living room, I've been playing a lot more than I have for months. Even Riordon is showing some interest every so often, which is very happy.

Our Christmas cards are coming along. We have most of the pieces cut out now, and it's [ profile] firinel's turn to sew things together. After that we have some stamping and some gluing to happen. Not sure who's been assigned what exactly, but I'm sure we'll figure that out when we get to it.


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