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Today was the first day in the Rails Tournament, and it was good. I played the 18XX learning session, which I was expecting to run short because it was a learning game. Alas it didn't run short, it went for four hours, so I didn't start playing Crayon games until 6pm. I got in a game of British rails at 6, and a game of Euro rails at 9. I won the British rails game, yay! and came a close second in Euro Rails.
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We have arrived in Pittsburgh on the first leg of our Origins journey, Hooray! We had a slightly round about trip. We left Royersford hungry for food, so we detoured via the much beloved Sonic in Morgantwon, which is more or less on the way. At that point we realized that we didn't have any music with us for the trip (Horror of horrors!), so we took a rather larger detour to West Reading to go to Best Buy, where we picked up lots of music. We have a few games with us for the game swap. We have Settlers of Canaan, which whilst fun, we just never play, Duel of Ages, which we never played, Russian Rails, which we have two copies of and Candamir which we didn't like very much. We probably could have brought more, but I am so loathed to get rid of games, as I maintain this perpetual hope that we will get around to playing them more often if we just find more people to play with.

This year on my acquisitions list is 1870, Age of Steam, China Rails if it is out and a couple of games that we can play with Riordon. If anyone has suggestions for 8 year old friendly games, please comment. This eight year old doesn't like combat much, so fun swapping kind of games like Bonanza are good (We love bonanza).


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