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I got me some new shoes today!! Went to the outlets down the road and picked up some shoes. I also found a lovely pair of oxfords in cordovan that they didn't have in my size that I was able to pick up from
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Today, having just got paid, I splurged a bit. I bought a Violin bow (carbon fibre) and some strings from FiddleHeads which is run by a lovely lady who has been most helpful on email. I bought four pairs of shoes which I woefully needed and I bought an air conditioner from Sears.

The shoes are: one pair of casual (brown), one pair of casual (black), one pair of boots (for the garden) and one pair of smart (black). I got a new pair of smart black shoes because I bought the same pair of shoes in brown, and they are super comfy. Add to that the fact that my current shoes in black are clompy (they make a loud noise when you walk), and I felt that I was justified in supplanting them with an alternative. The casual shoes were acquired because my current sneakers which double as casual shoes are done for. They have a big chunk of plastic missing from the bottom. The boots are for the garden. I think that's what finally did it for my sneakers. They look very sad and have mud lines around all the seams. I think I will avoid doing garden work in my new casual shoes.

The air-con is for the library. The basement is like an oven at this time of year, so I am working in the Library with Thomas whilst [Bad username or site: firinel'/ @] is away, and it's frikin' hot at this time of year and the air-con unit we have is ancient and power hungry.

I also bought some replacement things for MintPixels' property which I will be handing off to Sarah at the end of the month.


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