Apr. 22nd, 2008 07:41 am
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Yesterday was a good day. The meeting went from about 9 am to just after 5, then we all went out to diner at a very nice Chinese/Japanese restaurant. The food was good, but the music was terrible. It's hard to follow everything in the meetings as I'm not really an expert on the content, so some of the discussion goes over my head. I'm thinking that between the three of us we are getting everything, which is good.

I'm really looking forward to getting some coffee in me this morning. I am dragging quite badly. It probably has something to do with the fact that I forgot to turn my alarm on last night, and miraculously I woke up at almost exactly 7 am, which was an hour later than I set my alarm for, but still early enough to get ready for the day effectively. Normally I languish in bed for about an hour while my alarm trys to keep me honest. It takes me awhile to regain consciousness of a morning typically, so the fact that I woke up relatively alert was quite amazing. The shower was gorgeous as yesterday. Plugging in all my bits and pieces to charge wasn't trivial. The desk in the room is about 10 feet away from the nearest outlet, but I came prepared with a 6ft extension chord, so with that, my adapter reached. Hooray for good planning, although all that stuff makes my bag a bit heavy. Vancouver airport seems to have taken a leaf out of Heathrow's book and has gates that are a quite a walk away from the exit/entrance without any transit system or moving walkways. I guess Canadians are used to walking a bit.

I have blisters on my feet from all the walking yesterday. I'm really not used to the walking. Maybe when I get back I will institute a new program of walking with [Bad username or site: firinel'/ @].

I'm a bit nervous about my returning flight. The layover in Chichago's O'Hare airport is only an hour, so if my flight from Vancouver to Chicago is late by much there is a real danger that I will miss the flight from O'Hare to Philadelphia. I wonder if the airlines wait much for connecting passengers?
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This morning I woke up (sort of) somewhere between 5 and 7 local time. I took a shower, and the complimentary shower accoutrement were really nice. Soap that didn't make my skin feel one size too small or me, and nice shampoo that made my hair feel good. Plus one for the Sandman for that. On the downside, it appears that my television doesn't work, not that that really matters as I'm going to have about 5 minutes to watch it on this trip. I should probably at least tell the front desk though.
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The Sandman in downtown Vancouver. What can I say. I'm a business traveler, more than that, I'm a sysadmin of a couple of important systems. I need 24/7 internet access, and this hotel doesn't have wireless high speed internet access anywhere but the lobby. I like a few things in a hotel, a reasonable bed, an air conditioned room, but for me, high-speed is a must have. If I had money I would go some place else right now. Not only that, but my cell-phone doesn't work here so I am totally out of contact. I'll have to look into the cell phone thing if we end up coming up here more often if we decide to work with the folks here. I am full of unhappy right now. I have work to get done damn it.


Apr. 20th, 2008 06:25 pm
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I have arrived safely in Denver. YAY! Denver Internation Airport (DIA) also has free wireless, go Denver! I realised that I had my laptop set on high performance the last three hours which explains why in about 3:30 I drained an 80Wh battery and about half my 56Wh laptop battery. I hope I can get a significant charge on them before this flight, although based on the last flight, I didn't have enough room to do much but watch a movie. Hopefully in the future I can afford business class, or get my boarding pass online ahead of time so that I can get the seat I want.

I picked up a copy of I am Legend at Wal-Mart last night, and watched that. Adding in the extra features and stuff it easily ate up my whole flight. Nice. The movie wasn't stunningly great, but it was entertaining. There is a booth here at DIA that has movies and some TV series that I am considering patronising for additional entertainment. They have a season of Bones which I quite liked, though I'm not sure how much they'll want for that given that regular DVDs are $25. I should have bought a few at Wal-Mart apprently. Oh well, I was hoping to be able to work. It seems that a 17" laptop is not a good fit within an airplane, as once the guy in-front of me had put his seat back, I didn't have anywhere near enough room to open my laptop and type. I had it opened about 40 degrees, perched on my lap at a 45 degree angle, and I can tell you, the vent at the back gets quite hot! Maybe I'll grab one of those sweet 12" sony laptops with OLED screens that are nice and compact and light. I think they have a pretty decent resolution 1440x900 or something, I'll have to check.

I'm not sure how long the flight to Vancouver is, I'm guessing at least another 3 hours. I hope the hotel has wireless internet.

I take it all back. This connection is the suck. It's flaky, and it keeps putting adverts at the top of my pages. Not only that but it's not letting me send email!! UGH!
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Major kudos to PHL. Free wireless! San Francisco was pay for only. Something to be proud about for PHL, wtg Philly.

I am sitting here at PHL getting ready for my 1:10PM flight to Denver, and I have realised that I didn't restore one directory that I needed from my backup device. Fortunately, I have a connection here, so I can restore over the internet and get the work done that I had planned to do. Awesome!
There don't seem to be a whole lot of outlets here though, I hope there aren't too many people with laptops. I'm using two right now as I forgot to charge my phone before I left :(.


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