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Last night I went to sleep dreaming about playing the violin. Bach sonatas and partitas, Sibelius concerto, Beethoven sonatas, Franck sonata. I can't wait to get a bow and play again. I am going to have to try to find a pianist, and also a teacher. Ten years ago I went to this awesome teacher near Philadelphia. I'm hoping that somehow I can find her again and that she still teaches. Somehow I doubt that she won't be teaching. She was the kind of musician that is a lifer. Totally dedicated to the pursuit of music. She played occasionally for the Philadelphia Symphony orchestra. She played Bach to die for. The most amazing Bach ever, it made me cry when I heard it the first time. The only things left, are that I have to wait for my pay cheque, and that I have to decide between a couple of different bows. Either the Jean Tabary profressional, or the CodaBow Diamond GX I think. These are the two most promising candidates. Also people liked the CodaBow Colours too. Maybe I'll get the Tabary and the Colours. The Colours bow is pretty inexpensive (at least as bows go).

I hope that if I start to play violin, it will encourage Riordon to play more music too.
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In searching for reviews of the Tabary bows I found on I found this page Where they review professional and semi-professional bows from around $500 to $1500. It seems that they liked the Coda bows the best, and the Colours bow came in as a favourite, and at just under $500 one of the cheaper ones. I can't believe that you can get a bow of that kind of quality for under $500, it's awesome. I am so looking forward to playing again.

According to the person who writes the cheques, he mailed it on Tuesday, but today we had mail arrive that was postmarked the 7th. I think I'm going to ask that he fed-exes the check from now on. A week for mail from just a county away, it's disgraceful. It's no wonder people are dropping the USPS in favour of other carriers.


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